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The Working Principle of Centrifuges

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      The centrifuge is a kind of separating machine, it is mainly used to separate the mixed liquid of solid and liquid (or liquid and liquid), so then can get the solid and liquid (or liquid and liquid) apart. So, how can the centrifuge work? As everyone knows, when people stew one mixed liquid within different liquids’ densities, the mixed one will appear natural stratification phenomenon. The solid part will settle to the bottom, and there will form clear liquid part in the upper level. Some mixed liquids are easy to be stratification, such as mud water; on the other hand, some of them can be stratification in quite a long time and not very clear. This kind of stratification depend on the gravity of earth. To meet the needs of industrial producing, people require to separate some mixed liquids much more and faster, so that the centrifuges appeared. The centrifuges revolve in very high speed, and form powerful centrifugal force, ususlly the centrifugal separating factor is hundreds, thousands, and even ten thousands time than the gravity. Though the separating speed is fast, according to the different properties of different materials, so that form many many centrifuges with different specifications. Generally, the speed of centrifuges used to separate solid and liquid is below 3000 r/min; to separate mixed liquids within more tiny particles and more little density differences, users need centrifuges with speed between 8000 to 30000; if users want to separate and enrich the uranium, they have to use centirfuges with ultra high-speed.
       Generally speaking, the centrifuge is a centrifugal separation equipment that the bowl driven by motor and revolve in a high speed, to separate the liquid with smaller density from material or carry out the settling, stratification, and separation. Simple centrifuges are braked by hand brake, operated by manul loading and unloading, but now the popular operation of centrifuge is by automatic loading, unloading by automatic scraper or lifting basket with frequency controlling technology. Because of the importance and broad applicability of centrifuges, and the technology development is fast too, we centrifuges manufacturers are all working hard to manufacture more centrifuges with intelligent controlling and more convenient operation, to sell them to the domestic and international markets.

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