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Congratulate the success of the liaoyang zhonglian pharmaceutical machinery company website revision

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      Situated in Liaoyang city of Liaoning province, earliest engaged in the production of centrifugal machinery in China,Liaoyang Zhonglian Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.Ltd specially engage in the production of centrifugal equipments - disc centrifuge, tubular centrifuge, tripod centrifuges and other pharmaceutical machinery , is one of the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry.
       the company was founded in October 2001, is located in the middle of Liaoyang Fanrong Road Industrial Development Zone, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, production workshop area of 7000 square meters, has many years of professional production experience, the total assets of 8 million yuan, fixed assets original value of 2.4 million yuan, employs 120 people, including four managers, sales staff of eight, two senior engineers, senior technical staff of five, are the backbone of the young, specialized in the manufacture of centrifuge machines, processing equipment excellent existing lathe, milling machine 24 sets of machining equipment were purchased in 2000 after the new equipment, advanced equipment, high precision, the company has improved detection methods, the existing on-site balancing machine, purchased this year, supporting a balanced horizontal rigid Machine 2 sets of main parts of the centrifuge bowl balance for high-quality calibration and effective to ensure the balance of the bowl, the company created a high-tech R & D disc separator, tubular separator, flat centrifuge, tripod centrifuge centrifuges and other equipment, and its continued improvement and perfection. Now for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgical and other industries has been widely applied, staff of our company after seven years of efforts, has formed its own sales network nationwide is now the market has formed a fixed customer base, while at 2007 also carried out export business, the production of centrifuges products have been exported to foreign countries, the company with reliable quality, excellent service, has won user support and praise.
        After the relocation of the company as a whole, will continue to work to the production of centrifugal machinery centrifuge technology to produce high quality machinery, while also constantly developing new products come out, this new model developed by DHY230 disc centrifuge and flat high-speed Centrifuge has been successful, and exported to Korea, the company will increase efforts to develop new products, constant separation of the industry to solve problems. my company in 2005 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. In the same year made the Liaoning Provincial People's The Government issued three centrifuge series certification.
        All staff are committed to the production of centrifuge machines and sales, our company and strive for one year to a new level, to achieve centrifuge industry leading position in the whole country, the brilliant reproduction of the Northeast centrifuge brand, we will create for different users for separation equipment in a variety of materials, based on good heart, attentive customer service to return to the idea to create excellence in the Zhonglian brand, and to expand the future of a larger enterprise market space.

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