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Introduction of Tubular Centrifuge

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GF - separation type: mainly used for the separation of all kinds of difficult separation emulsion, especially suitable for two phase density difference effect of liquid and liquid separation (proportion difference is greater than 0.1%), and contains a small amount of liquid, liquid and solid phase separation of impurities. The separation of product class, transformer oil, edible oil dehydration and dewaxing, turbine oil, biodiesel, coal tar, lubricating oil, Marine fuel oil, quenching oil; The separation of various syrups; Whole blood separation - isolated from whole blood plasma, blood; The separation of biological products; Oil-water separation, sewage treatment, etc.

GQ - clarify type tubular centrifuges, mainly for the separation of a variety of difficult to separate suspension, especially suitable for low concentration, big viscosity, solid phase particles, solid-liquid proportion of smaller solid-liquid separation.

Such as: Chinese medicine oral liquid sugar, floc, solid phase particles more finely and solid-liquid proportion difference is small, and so on.

Tubular Centrifuge Features:

Through the machine for liquid solid impurities separation, to achieve the effect of clarification. Used to separate all kinds of difficult to separate suspension. Especially suitable for small viscosity concentration, solid phase particles, solid-liquid less severe solid-liquid separation. Solid phase to take out after downtime.

Tubular centrifuge main drawback is the intermittent operation. A small drum volume. To frequent downtime to remove sediment. So the theory by strengthening separation and centrifugal separation process to strengthen the tubular centrifuge separation performance.

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